Dungaree Dolls

Dungaree Dolls & Work Blouse: Freddies of Pinewood | Boots: BAIT Footwear

Dungaree Dolls by Freddies of Pinewood

Making all my casual land army style dreams come true, these 1940s reproduction  dungarees are on high rotation during the cooler months. I would literally wear them every day of the transitional months if I could. They create a beautiful laid back, everyday 40s look, and I always get loads of compliments when out and about – especially from female baristas around Melbourne!

If I was to buy more pairs of Freddies dungarees (hello Home Companions in every colour!), I would definitely size up and READ THE SIZING INFORMATION. Yep, I am a goose. I purchased these in their smallest size after buying two pairs of Vivien of Holloway Katharine trousers and didn’t read the sizing instructions on the Freddies website. If you are familiar with Katharines but have never purchased from Freddies before, please make sure you read their sizing information! These are NOT stretch denim, and the waist to hip ratio is quite a bit smaller than Katharines. You need to look at both the hip and waist measurements, as you will have to physically go through the process of stretching the fabric if you choose a pair that are a bit small (see photos below).

I can’t recommend these highly enough if you’re looking for a more casual 1940s style option in your wardrobe. They are incredibly well-made from high quality, authentic denim and I am desperately wanting to add more Freddies dungarees and jeans to my collection!

Update: I have ordered a new pair of these Dungaree Dolls in a size up – the same size as my Home Companions which fit like a dream – so I get more wear out of them as my body recovers back to its usual size. I will add a second gallery of images featuring the new size to avoid sizing confusion.

Explore my Dungaree Dolls Style Gallery:

I am wearing Dungaree Dolls in a Size 24 with the following body measurements:

Bust: 33″ / Waist: 25″ / Hips: 36″ / Height: 5’8″

Any questions? Leave me a comment below and I will get back to you!

Explore Dungaree Dolls on the Freddies of Pinewood website

4 thoughts on “Dungaree Dolls

  1. Hello, Caity.
    Is your first dungaree doll “regular” length?
    Choosing the correct size for the first time on a brand is such a complicated thing. I’ve red your tips about VoH too.
    I’m 26 waist, 38 hips.. So I think size 26 is all right for me. But the length to turn the hem up as you wear them, what do you recommend according to your experience? (I’m 5’5)
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards.
    Sabrina ❤️🙏

    1. Hi Sabrina,
      Thanks for your question! Yes, I think you’re right about the size 26! Regarding the length, all of my FoP dungarees are the longer leg option – I’m 174cm and decided the err on the side of caution. I have to roll them up twice, so there’s twice the length of extra fabric more than what you see in the pictures. I haven’t ordered the regular length, but given the amount of fabric I have left, I’d tentatively say you’ll be able to get away with the regular length… If you’re unsure, the team at Freddies are very friendly and helpful if you need to ask them for more information.
      Hope this helps, and have a wonderful day!
      Caity x | BB

      1. Thank you so much for your help, Caity🌹🙏
        Have you posted on any of your social medias a photo featuring your 26 size to compare?
        FoP gave me 2 different advices: 28 and 26 due to my hips. I hope I choose the right one 😅🤞🏻🤞🏻🍀

        1. Hi Sabrina!
          You are very welcome! I haven’t taken any photos of the 26inch yet – although my pair of Home Companions have a 26inch waist. If I get a patch of good weather today I’ll take some quick photos of the new dungarees and add them to the gallery. Shall let you know how I go. Good luck!
          Caity | BB

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