Gigi-Bo Pantskirt Jumpsuit

The Gigi-Bo Pantskirt Jumpsuit in wine by Miss Candyfloss

I have been eyeing this outfit off for a long time, hoping I’d eventually become brave enough to wear something this fun and far out of my comfort zone. On the eve of my birthday, I decided it was time to treat myself to this sassy playsuit from Miss Candyfloss. This is their updated version of this style, and is my first item from Miss Candyfloss.

After reading the size chart, I opted for a size XS. I was a little worried that, as with most pieces with figure-hugging bust-focused details like the shirring construction on this jumpsuit, my small chest would not fill out the top and the cut would exaggerate the empty space, leaving me feeling self-conscious. However, it fits like a dream. I am currently an inch wider in my chest and waist measurements than usual, but I think even back at my usual size this won’t be a problem (the size information below is accurate for these photos). The jumpsuit is fastened using a front zip that runs from the functional button on the v-neck down to the top of the trouser pleats. There is also a hidden press stud right where the v-neck meets to ensure the fabric is properly secured in place.

The 65% cotton fabric provides a slight stretch with 2% elastane, and has quite a bit of weight to it, making it nice and cosy this winter. As with all of my first high waisted trouser purchases from new brands, I was also a bit unsure about the inseam, rise and leg length of the trousers. The inseam is listed as 29.5″ – half an inch shorter than my Miss Fancy Pants trousers – but I feel like I never know how they’ll sit till I try them on. The legs are long on me so they are perfect with heels and slightly long when wearing flats, and there’s no issue with the inseam or rise.

As you may have noticed, I am a tiny bit obsessed with 1940s style trousers, and the trouser design of this jumpsuit is gorgeous. The high-waisted, pleated design reminds me a little of my 1930s pleated sports shorts from The House of Foxy, and the silhouette is just as flattering. The legs are wide – significantly wider than any of my other pairs of 40s trousers – and I love them. Very Hollywood starlet. Four functional pockets (two at the front, two small button pockets on the back) and the included belt are a great bonus. The tulip sleeves are also a gorgeous touch. I really really love them. They cover my arms but allow for freedom of movement, and look so elegant!

With their clothing made in Europe and designed to last, the team behind Miss Candyfloss aim to produce garments that will be “worn by mothers and later handed down to daughters”, which I think is a beautiful sentiment. I am extremely pleased and I shall get a lot of wear out of this beautiful wine coloured pantsuit, which pairs perfectly with my cropped Americana jacket, Emmy Design Sweden Screen Siren jacket (red and green should ALWAYS be seen thank you very much) and with a bit of tulip sleeve wrestling, they work with both my cropped cardigans – a fair-isle conveniently in the same wine and a chocolate brown ice skater … the joys of having a wardrobe consisting almost exclusively of a red / green / neutrals colour scheme!

Explore my Gigi-Bo Pantskirt Jumpsuit Style Gallery:

I am wearing a size XS with the following body measurements:

Bust: 34″ / Waist: 26″ / Hips: 36.5″ / Height: 5’8″

Any questions? Leave me a comment below and I will get back to you!

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