40s Land Girl Blouse

Blouse & Shorts: The House of Foxy | Earrings: Bow & Crossbones

40s Land Girl Blouse in Green Check by The House of Foxy.

The 40s Land Girl Blouse is part of The House of Foxy’s partially released Land Girl range for spring/summer 2020. As a massive fan of 1940s workwear styles, I immediately snatched up both the green check and grey check options. I don’t have much in the way of patterned blouses, and I am so glad House of Foxy opted for this check pattern – currently available in a range of colours including green, magenta, grey, terracotta and fraser blue.

I was between sizes on their size chart, and as the instructions said the bust was loose-fitting but waistband was ‘quite fitted’ with a little room to move the button if needed, I wasn’t really sure which way to go. The green check had already sold out in size 8 (they sell out SO QUICKLY), so I decided to get one in each size and see which provided the best fit. I purchased the green check in the size 8, the pale grey check in a size 10 and later the terracotta check in a size 10 (Missing: my self control – if found please return immediately).

The Size 8 is quite short on my long torso, so the highest of high-waisted pants & skirts are required when I don’t want to have skin showing (I fully plan to embrace showing my middle when the weather gets warmer!). It creates a dramatic silhouette, coming in tight at my waist and giving my shoulders that strong, angular look of women’s wartime fashion. The Size 10 is longer and has a much more relaxed-looking fit. It doesn’t have that exaggerated nipped-in waist on me, but the fit is so incredibly comfortable! The longer length will allow it to be tucked in to high-waisted pants when I want that tight waist silhouette. I guess if you’re in between sizes, it depends on what you’re looking for in this blouse, because both sizes fit me – the look is just different!

At first glance, the new Land Girl Blouses look quite similar to the Freddies of Pinewood work blouses – they are both based on the casual ‘land girl’ / ‘factory worker’ practical styles of the late 1930s to early 1940s. However, the brands’ blouses do have different silhouettes and a completely different feel to their fabrics. I adore the Work Blouses from Freddies, and have them in a wide range of colours – these new Land Girl blouses are great additions to this collection of 1940s workwear blouses. The blouses are made of a soft 100% cotton with a relaxed, comfortable fit. The fabric is a thicker textured weave that is less stiff than the current Freddies fabric, and the cut gives the blouses more flexibility of movement in my opinion. I know I’ll be getting a lot of wear out of them, they’re so gosh darn cute! The colours I have match my collection of 30s Pleated Shorts beautifully and make for gorgeously fun, casual summer outfits. Pair them with Freddies of Pinewood dungarees and jeans, or Vivien of Holloway Katharine Trousers for a 40s perfect look!

If you’re in Australia and want to get your hands on these, visit Melbourne-based Australian stockist Call Me Valerie as she currently has them in stock. I ordered off the HoF website right before she told me she’d managed to secure them, then I watched for weeks as all of my Aussie friends frolicked around in theirs while mine were still stuck at Heathrow… rookie mistake!

Explore my 40s Land Girl Blouse Style Gallery:

I am wearing a Size 8 (green check) and Size 10 (grey check & terracotta check) with the following body measurements:

Bust: 33″ / Waist: 25″ / Hips: 36″ / Height: 5’8″

Any questions? Leave me a comment and I will get back to you!

Explore 40s Clothing on The House of Foxy website

Explore The House of Foxy on Australian stockist Call Me Valerie


2 thoughts on “40s Land Girl Blouse

  1. I love these shirt so much! I’ve been looking at them since Call Me Valerie got them in but I’ve been so hesitant. Do the shirts ride up when you lift your arms? I don’t want to show any skin. You look fabulous by the way. I 1000% aspire to have your wardrobe or even look half as amazing as you do.

    1. Hi Em!
      Thanks so much for your lovely message, you’re so kind! In terms of the blouses riding up – in my experience they do. The fabric doesn’t have stretch and the cut isn’t overly ‘billowy’ to the point where there’s heaps of extra fabric to stop the waist pulling up when you raise your arms. I added a couple of images to the gallery to show this. The size up is better, and I have much more freedom of movement without the waist riding up, so if you’re between sizes I’d definitely recommend going with the larger size. Hope this helps! BB x

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