Williamsburg Cap

Cap & Waistcoat: Walker Slater | Blouse: The House of Foxy

Williamsburg Cap in Charcoal Herringbone Harris Tweed by Walker Slater.

By order of the Peaky fookin’ Blinders!

I had to do it. I’m so sorry. It’s out of my system now. I’m done.

We both know I’m not done.

Like so many connoisseurs of expertly lensed, scripted, costumed and performed period dramas, my interest in early 20th century aesthetics has seen a marked increase over the past seven years. When I saw an image of the beautiful blonde Walker Slater model wearing a very similar style of cap in stone tweed under the caption ‘Turn Some Heads’, I simply had to have one. After watching Tommy Shelby very closely during all five seasons – for research purposes – I believe this Williamsburg Cap is as close to the real deal as it gets.

Photographer: Grayson

The Williamsburg Cap is the ‘baker boy’ 8 panel style that today we associate most with working class menswear of the 1910s through 1920s, and that guy who makes the best cup of coffee at your local cafe. This particular cap by Walker Slater is made from 100% Harris Tweed wool, with a silky viscose lining. The visor of the cap is very solid and helped me withstand the gusty, stormy weather on the day these photos were taken.

This is such a fun addition to my vintage style wardrobe. As someone who often favours the simple combination of high waisted trousers and a loose fitting 1940s blouse, the Williamsburg Cap is a great statement-making alternative to berets in the cooler months. It will look fantastic with my 1940s reproduction dungarees, but I’m also keen to see how this cap works with the more feminine silhouettes of my 1930s/40s Emmy knits.

Photographer: Grayson

This was my first attempt at hat sizing, and even after researching head measurements I was very unsure I had selected the correct size. I had settled on the medium, which fits perfectly – with a little room to play with more elaborate hairstyles. Now that I know the medium is my ideal size and is far too small for the resident male to steal from me, I am eyeing off the rust brown, burgundy, and green options in the same Williamsburg style.

Explore my Williamsburg Cap Style Gallery:

I am wearing a Size M with a 21.5″ ~ 56cm head measurement (I think…).

Explore Tweed Hats on the Walker Slater Website

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