While they’re not every vintage doll’s cup of tea, snoods are a great alternative to scarves for those lazy hair days. I tend to use them when my hair is straight or my wet set hasn’t quite worked, or when the weather is too windy to protect a set. Very popular in the 1940s, a quick google will show you just how weird and wonderful snood designs became over the years, but like most of the modern vintage ladies I’ve seen, I like to keep mine nice and simple! I taught myself to crochet in order to make my own snoods, initially following YouTube videos and eventually learning how to read vintage patterns. The photos below are some of my first attempts, so it’s a skill you can pick up pretty quickly even if you’re like me and incapable of mastering other domestic arts like knitting and sewing! Most of my snoods are made using a simple pattern called the Perky Snood, which you can find floating around the internet for free in a variety of places. Like I said, if you’re a beginner there are plenty of step-by-step easy to understand tutorials on YouTube to help you make one of your own and the pattern can be adjusted for longer/shorter or thicker/thinner hair. They can be made with or without elastic, with or without a section to thread a ribbon through, and it’s easy to add flowers, beads or other adornments to create the unique look you’re after for a specific event.

If you’re new to crocheting and want to give snoods a go, check out this YouTube tutorial and let me know how you go! Perky Snood Crochet Tutorial

If you’re not keen on making your own, feel free to shoot me an email via my contact page and I might be able to whip one up for you!

Any questions? Leave me a comment below and I will get back to you!

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