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Roma Vegan Flats in Mahogany Croc by Charlie Stone

The elegant summer flats your wardrobe has been pining for!

To be entirely honest with you, initially I wasn’t convinced the pointed toe of the Charlie Stone shoes I was besotted with would suit my late 30s / early 40s style. Having now purchased two pairs of their shoes, I feel they are very fitting for my personal style. Most of my winter boots have the rounded 40s toe, and I don’t mind my summer footwear being different. The dainty summer look of a t-strap with less rounded toes is hard to resist.

Though Charlie Stone doesn’t officially recommend them as dance shoes, I had read a lot about women purchasing these shoes for swing dancing, and I can see why – they are extremely comfortable and supportive. The slight hidden rise (3cm total lift) in the heel really helps with this – an absolutely brilliant design element! The insole is spongey-soft, so I have been able to walk decent distances without experiencing any discomfort, and if I return to dancing I will definitely consider getting the sole of these flats sueded.

These particular Roma flats are made with high-quality vegan leatherette with a crocodile skin-like appearance, and are recommended for regular to wide width feet. My feet are regular-wide, and these still felt a tiny bit tight. I was desperate to avoid blistering so, as their website suggests, I ‘wore in’ my flats, wearing two pairs of thick socks around my apartment during a lazy couple of days at home. After two days, they fit like a dream, and I have not had any issue with blisters or rubbing.

Purchasing these has helped me get out of that ‘it has to be bang-on down-to-the-year authentic or it’s not right’ headspace, and now I look at my sartorial choices more from a ‘what suits my unique style?’ angle, rather than ‘will a knowledgeable vintage woman look at every element of this outfit and approve that it could all be seen on a street in 1939 or are the shoes more early 1930s or late 1940s than the rest of the outfit?’. Relax girl. They’re beautiful, they’re in a vintage style, you love them, they’d look gorgeous with your outfits. GET THEM. So I did, and I haven’t looked back.

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I purchased the Roma Vegan Flats in my usual shoe size, Size 38.

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I am a Brand Collaborator with Charlie Stone Shoes. This review is my own honest opinion of the product. Links to the brand’s website are provided solely for the convenience of the reader.

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