Pinafore Trousers

Pinafore Trousers, Denim Jacket & Top: Vivien of Holloway | Image: Grayson

Pinafore Trousers in Chocolate Denim by Vivien of Holloway.

If there’s two things you’ve noticed about me it’s probably 1) high waisted trousers are an obsession, and 2) autumnal earthy tones hit me right in my soul. It won’t surprise you, then, when I tell you it was love at first sight when Vivien of Holloway revealed their revamped 1940s Land Army inspired Pinafore Trousers from their beautiful Deluxe range. Their wide leg, high waisted cut is similar to my all-time favourite wardrobe staple Katharine Trousers, and they have been released in a range of soft fabric colourways including ruby red, bottle green, pink and black (my favourite colours – please send help) and gorgeously fun denim options in chocolate and blue. I was ecstatic when Vivien of Holloway invited me to try their Chocolate Denim Pinafore Trousers and matching Denim Jacket! This is my sartorial happy place.

Pinafore Trousers & Top: Vivien of Holloway | Photographer: Grayson

Unlike Katharine Trousers, the side button closures are replaced by a subtle side zip with generous length to make sliding in and out of the pinafore a breeze. The straight waistband of the Katharines is also replaced by a much wider, curved waistband that cinches in, then fans back up from the natural waist to comfortably hug my torso while accommodating my lower ribcage. The silhouette created by this cut is divine.

Pinafore Trousers & Top: Vivien of Holloway | Image: Grayson

The Pinafore Trousers feature contrast denim details on the front pocket and trouser leg turn-ups. Large cream buttons stitch the wide denim straps of the pinafore onto the waist panel, so there’s no messing about trying to wrangle runaway straps each time I step into these beauties (just make sure there’s one strap on each side of you as you step into them because I keep forgetting!). I did move the two back buttons half an inch higher to accommodate my long torso, as suggested by Vivien of Holloway to get them sitting just right for individual height and proportions. This was an easy adjustment made over a relaxing cup of tea one evening, and there’s plenty more room on the extra high waist panel to make them shorter or longer.

Pinafore Trousers, Jacket & Top: Vivien of Holloway | Image: Grayson

In these photos, I decided not to roll up the trouser cuffs to give an idea of the length, and then completely forgot to roll them back up. Sorry. I usually wear a regular leg (31inch inside leg) in Katharine Trousers, and as you can see there’s more length to play with in the Pinafore Trousers if needed. If you don’t need to utilise the full 29 inches of inseam, turn up the cuffs for a look that is cute as all heck, as they tie in with the contrast detail on the front pocket.

Pinafore Trousers, Denim Jacket & Top: Vivien of Holloway | Image: Grayson

I opted for my usual Katharine Trousers size – a VoH 10 / Waist 24″ – and the Pinafore Trousers fit exquisitely. I am about an inch wider in the waist in these images than I was, but they still fit comfortably. The waist cinches in gorgeously and there’s room in the hips allowing freedom of movement without appearing baggy – perfect for practical day or dancing wear. The denim fabric isn’t at all weighty or cumbersome as denim fabrics can sometimes be, and adds just the right amount of warmth during this transitional weather.

Pinafore Trousers, Denim Jacket & Top: Vivien of Holloway | Image: Grayson

Pair the denim Pinafore Trousers with the matching Deluxe Denim Jacket and season-appropriate accessories for an adorable Land Army inspired outfit that will see you from work to play. Add some red lipstick and an up-do of overflowing curls for a playful ‘munitionette after work feel next time you hit the dance floor! x

I am thrilled to say Vivien of Holloway would like to offer you all a 10% discount on their whole website filled with beautiful pieces like these with the code ‘BACALL’ – it’s valid until the 20th of September 2021, perfect timing for the change of seasons!

Explore my Pinafore Trousers Style Gallery:

I am wearing a Size 10 / 24″ Waist with the following body measurements:

Bust: 33″ / Waist: 26″ / Hips: 38″ / Height: 5’8″

Any questions? Leave me a comment below and I will get back to you!

Explore Pinafore Trousers on the Vivien of Holloway website

 I am honoured to have been invited to shoot a selection of outfits for Vivien of Holloway featuring their playful new Pinafore Trousers. Pieces featured in the collaboration series have been kindly gifted by the brand. The above review is my own honest review of the garment, with links provided for the convenience of the reader.

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