Blakesby Evelyn Tilt Hat

Hat: Blakesby Hats | Jacket: Emmy Design Sweden

The Evelyn Tilt Hat in green felt by Blakesby Hats.

This custom, handmade 1940s style tilt hat by Adelaide Hatter Blakesby Hats is a film noir dream. Blakesby Hats specialises in traditionally crafted, ‘classic menswear’ style hats – crafted for all genders. I have been a fan of Blake’s work after watching vintage bandleader Dandy Wellington‘s performances and YouTube videos, and first saw one of Blake’s tilt hats on Brittney of @brittandbone on Instagram.

This hat is largely based on the design of Britt’s, in the same green felt. I didn’t know anything about the world of Hatters and custom hat-making – but knew I loved Britt’s version – so I came to Blake with no technical knowledge to articulate the customisations I had in my head. Blake was able to take my incredibly specific and helpful “femme fatale fantastic!” brief and run with it, very patiently talking me through the process and all the various options I could choose from. He also sent me photos at each stage of the hat’s construction and explained what he was working on. The result is a tilt fedora worthy of any 40s sleuth.

Blakesby Hats offers a wide range of high quality materials in a variety of colour options, as well as custom details and additions available to create a unique vintage hat that reflects the personality of its wearer. If you would like to know more about the hat-making process or the options available, get in touch with Blake at Blakesby Hats.

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