Screen Siren Cardigan

Cardigan: Emmy Design Sweden | Trousers: Shop at Christine’s, Vivien of Holloway

Screen Siren Cardigan in burgundy by Emmy Design Sweden.

Emmy Design Sweden’s Screen Siren Cardigan was on my ‘only in my dreams’ list until their generous sale earlier this year allowed me to add it to my collection of Winter outerwear. This stunning and sophisticated knit cardigan is made using a super soft, weighty 100% merino wool, and is ethically produced in Morocco. The beautiful, intricate knit pattern running down the front and back of the body draws closer towards the rear waistline before fanning out across the peplum back, accentuating the body’s curves. The puffed sleeves complete this iconic late 1940s look. It’s gorgeous.

As with all of my Emmy knits, the arms are delightfully generous in length. This is a huge plus for me as most cardigans and jumpers, both reproduction and modern, fall too short on me. There’s also plenty of room in the circumference of the sleeves, to the point where they look a little baggy on me – though this is undoubtedly handy for wearing thicker layers underneath during the middle of Winter.

In terms of the general fit for reference purposes, I’m wearing their Size 34/36 and overall it feels like it runs a smidge large compared to most of my other Emmy Design Sweden knits – particularly in the peplum section (granted, this is my only non-cropped Emmy knit…) and arms. So if you’re stuck between two sizes, I have personally found the fit of this design to be generous in my standard Emmy size. It is a similar size to my Jolly Fine Cardigan from Emmy’s Spring/Summer 2020 range, I have not found my Ice Skaters and Fair Isle knits to be as loose fitting on me.

Cardigan, Shirt & Knickerbockers: Emmy Design Sweden | Boots: Memery

I love this glamorous knit cardigan. It certainly lives up to its name! I am so thrilled I was able to add it to my collection before my size sold out. The Screen Siren Cardigan is still available on the Emmy Design Sweden website in a range of colours including the burgundy pictured, plum, teal, pine green, grey and taupe, with sizes ranging from 34/36 to 50/52.

Screen Siren Cardigan Style Gallery

I am wearing a Size 34/36 with the following body measurements:

Bust: 33″ / Waist: 25″ / Hips: 36″ / Height: 5’8″

Any questions? Leave me a comment below and I will get back to you!

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2 thoughts on “Screen Siren Cardigan

  1. I Adore this Cardigan . I had planned to buy one this Autumn 🍂
    Emmy only has Grey in huge sizes!
    They won’t have any this Autumn / Winter.
    Would you know Anywhere I could buy one ???

    1. Hi Debra!

      Ah no! I can relate to this so much. I don’t have any quick solutions for you unfortunately, but here’s are a couple of ways I’ve found something I missed out on…

      Firstly, there is the “Emmy Design Swap/Sell/Adore” Facebook group here:

      It’s a fantastic Emmy-specific group run by customer Hilla, with Emmy and her team in there too. There’s been a few Screen Siren cardigans listed for sale in various colours and sizes recently – including an Aubergine size 34/36 posted yesterday – and you can also put up an ‘In Search Of’ request to see if anyone in the group has what you’re after! There’s often ‘New With Tags’ items posted for sale too, so it’s a really great place to keep an eye out for Emmy goodies!

      Additionally, if you’d rather buy brand new straight from a store, there’s a list of Emmy Stockist webshops here –

      They may still have the Screen Siren in the size & colour you’re looking for. There’s also a list of brick-and-mortar shops on Emmy’s website, and hopefully there’s one in your area you could contact.

      I really hope Emmy brings this design back in the future. It is so unique and flattering!
      I hope this helps, have a wonderful day!

      Caity | BB x

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