Miss Fancy Pants Trousers

Blouse: The House of Foxy | Trousers & Suspenders: Emmy Design Sweden

Miss Fancy Pants Trousers in speckled brown and Sassy Suspenders in coffee/cognac by Emmy Design Sweden stocked by Call Me Valerie.

These signature Emmy Design Sweden trousers are hands down the most fabulous thing in my wardrobe. They are so much fun to wear. I mean … button suspenders, the high waisted waistcoat detail … ugh. I am ready for my close-up, Peaky Blinders! These trousers are phenomenal. I adore everything about them and want them in every fabric Emmy has available! If you want to jazz up your wardrobe, I strongly urge you to consider these beauties.

Trousers & Jacket: Emmy Design Sweden | Hat: Blakesby Hats | Blouse: Seamstress of Bloomsbury

These particular trousers are ‘speckled brown’, made of a light wool / silk weave with tiny multicoloured specks just visible up close. This pair is non-stretch, but check the fabric information when looking at other colour options as the fabric types differ. Below you’ll find images featuring thicker winter wool versions (in pinstripe and forest green) of the Fancy Pants Trousers, which I have found have a smidge more give than my summer pair. The trousers are fastened using the front buttons in the waistcoat section and a subtle front zip underneath. They can be worn without the suspenders (which are sold separately and are available in a variety of colour schemes to suit your preferred aesthetic).

Trousers, Tie & Shirt: Emmy Design Sweden from Call Me Valerie | Waistcoat: Walker Slater | Photographer: Grayson

In terms of fit, when my first pair arrived I was surprised – it is like they were tailor-made for my body. The waistcoat hits perfectly above my hip bone and doesn’t sit too high up on my torso. Almost unheard of for me! (I later learned that the designer, Emmy, and I share near-identical measurements, so if you’re thinking these will be too short for your torso, check the incredibly detailed sizing charts for each pair on their website – you might just be surprised!) The pleats at the hips allow for comfortable, unrestricted movement, and they’ve even included pockets! The length of the trousers is perfect for me, and there’s a very generous hem to allow for folks over my 174cm tall. If you’re more petite, you might find that they arrive a smidge long in the leg.

Trousers, Shirt & Suspenders: Emmy Design Sweden | Vintage Style Not Vintage Values Pin: Dandy Wellington | Photographer: Grayson

As always with Emmy garments, the quality and attention to detail in the design and construction is what really gives these trousers their ‘wow’ factor. Whether you’re going all out or dressing them down with a casual blouse and no suspenders, be prepared to be approached by strangers when wearing these out and about. I feel so fantastic whenever I wear them, and enjoy having people in cafes and restaurants comment on my outfit. I even had someone ask me who I was – like if I’m wearing these Fancy Pants I must be a fancy thespian. Brilliant.

Trousers, Suspenders & Shirt: Emmy Design Sweden from Call Me Valerie | Cap: Walker Slater | VSnVV Pin: Dandy Wellington | Photographer: Grayson

Update 2022: You can find the Miss Fancy Pants Trousers in a range of new shades along with other stunning pieces from Emmy’s AW21&SS22 collections at Australian vintage boutique Call Me Valerie. From herringbone to pinstripe – these new offerings are absolute show stoppers.

Miss Fancy Pants Trousers Style Gallery

I am wearing a Size 36 and have the following body measurements :

Bust: 33″ / Waist: 25.5″ / Hips: 38″ / Height: 5’8″

Any questions? Leave me a comment and I will get back to you!

Explore Trousers on the Emmy Design Sweden website

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